Cut Flower Garden Box


The Cut Flower Garden is a 20″x10″ box filled with ten different species of annual flower seedlings. Featuring five varieties per species, your box comes with a total of 50 seedlings. Pick up your beautiful box in early May, just in time for Mother’s Day! Included in your seedling box are five each of the following flower varieties**:

Celosia, Supercrest Mix
Foxglove, Cafe Cream
Black Eyed Susan Cherry Brandy
Nigella Delft Blue
Marigold Lemon Gem
Cosmos, Seashells Mix
Icelandic Poppy, Pastel Meadow
Breadseed Poppy, Black Beauty and White Frills
Bea Balm, Bergamo
Sweet Pea Mix

**varieties subject to change without notice, in case of unforseen circumstances


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