About The Farm Stand

The Farm Stand is open! Because of the Covid-19 virus, customers must wear a mask and keep a 6′ distance from others while waiting their turn to shop. We appreciate your patience as we navigate this new system.
We are located at 215 East Penn Street in Germantown.
Open Saturdays 9am to 1pm.


Our farm stand offers the highest quality, freshest produce from our farm, as well as from organic farms around Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. When you shop at this stand, you are not only joining your neighbor (me!) in maintaining green space and promoting this country’s much needed urban agriculture movement, but you support those truly small Pennsylvania farms who are doing the incredibly hard work needed to keep our planet healthy and our state ecologically and economically viable.

With such a small city space, a farmer has to learn what she grows best, and becomes a curator of quality for what she can source nearby. Germantown Kitchen Garden specializes in greens of all kinds, from tender baby salads to buttery lettuces to beautiful bok choy and robust kale. Delicate specialty onions and shallots, garlics and scallions, radishes and turnips, beets and carrots, fresh herbs and teas, as well as strange favorites like gooseberries and currants round out our list of gourmet goodies grown here at the farm. Each year we seek to try new things, while acknowledging that some old standards like squashes and pumpkins might be better grown somewhere that an acre of land isn’t hard to come by.

When you shop at the farm stand, you will have access to fresh and delicious veggies, fruits and herbs, and some of the finest homemade sourdough bread and home-brewed kombucha as well. Michael’s Bread and Young American Kombucha join us each weekend to offer these artisanal treats, and if you want a taste of your own, you better get here early.

*To find out what’s coming up each week at the farm stand, contact us to join our weekly email list.

Location: 215 E. Penn Street Philadelphia PA 19144 
Hours: 9am to 1pm Saturdays

Accepting:  Cash, SNAP benefits,  FMNP vouchers, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express ($10 minimum for credit cards)