What is a Farm Stand Share

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 5.00.40 PMFor those of you that are new to the farm, our Farm Stand Shares allow you to pay for your vegetables ahead of time- investing in our farm when we need it the most- and then show up each week in season (or however often you like) to choose which vegetables you like. The money will be deducted from your share account.*
Spending money now so you can shop at our stand later is not only convenient for both of us, but it solidifies a commitment between us. You are saying, “This is my farm. This is my farmer.” I am saying, “This is my community, this is who I grow food for.” And together we make our neighborhood more green, more healthy, more friendly, and more beautiful.
To help you choose how much you should pay, think about how much you want to spend at the stand each week, on average, and multiply that by 25 weeks (about how long the stand runs). If you think you spend $25 at the stand each week, consider signing up for the largest share. You can also sign up for a smaller share and top off your account as needed. Put $150 in for May and come July, put another $150 in. It’s your choice.

Not sure how much produce $25 will get you? Here’s an example of what you can bring home at that price level:

1 bag baby arugula
1 bunch tuscan kale
1 bunch carrots
2 large tomatoes
1 quart potatoes
1 head butter lettuce
1 bunch beets

Our Farm Stand will once again be on site at the farm on Saturday mornings. Choose your share amount below or email me your order and send a check to help us avoid hefty processing fees Checks can be made payable to Amanda Staples, 144 East Coulter Street Philadelphia PA 19144. Your email address will ensure that I can communicate with you when the season begins. 

*Farm Stand members will receive 10% off in the plant nursery all season!

*Please note that 2019 Farm Stand Shares are only valid at the farm stand, and only in the 2019 season, which ends November 1st. Your balance will not carry over to the following year, nor is it transferable to our nursery plants, wreaths, or post-season markets.

Choose Your Share Size